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2016 International Jabula Conference: "POWER SHIFT"

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  1. Otabil - Arise! Shine!
  2. Bismark - Directing Kingdom Affairs
  3. Cole - Prepare for a Shift
  4. Otabil - The Authority of the Believer
  5. Cole - Where are the Power Shifters
  6. Otabil - A City Set on a Hill
  7. Bismark - How to Behave

Jesus said in Matthew 28:18, “All power is given unto me.” So where was “all power” prior to this statement? In this signature message, Bishop Bismark gives the history of the transfer of...


Our effectiveness as Christians depends upon the quality of our personal walk with God. In this book, Pastor ChiChi explains how we can build and maintain altars – dedicated meeting places for...


Our 2016 prayer summit, held in the Chicago area, focused on the theme "Deliverance Prayers". Bishop Tudor and Pastor ChiChi Bismark taught on the following topics: Legal Rights, Land and Territory...

THINK is "the idea" around belief, applied faith, concepts, innovation, creativity, strategy and long-term planning. Think is written to convey systematic methods of order and of strategic...