The Spirit of Honor - Curriculum

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We all have times in our lives when we stop and contemplate our walk with Christ and question whether or not we are living the blessed life God intended. Often we find dissatisfaction or unfulfilled destiny and wonder if something is missing in us or if God has forsaken us. In this exciting series, The Spirit of Honor, Bishop Tudor Bismark shows us that God is always faithful. However, people perish because of lack of knowledge and many suffer because dishonor is present in their lives. This teaching by Bishop Bismark brings fresh revelation on the spirit of honor and invaluable information key to our growth as believers. Learning about honor and all the blessings that are connected with honor can be life changing. In this series you will learn:

  • Biblical concepts of honor
  • Honor's rewards
  • Dishonor's penalties
  • How to reverse negative occurrences because of dishonor
  • And much more!

In addition to phenomenal teaching and workbook questions, this study guide is peppered with wonderful truths from God's Word, powerful one-liners from Bishop Bismark, and expanded teaching not found on the DVDs and CDs. More than an in-depth study on honor, this series provides an opportunity to examine both your heart and your role in the corporate body of Christ.