Ministry in the House - Book

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With over 350 pages, this book is an incredible tool for effective ministry. While most are familiar with the five-fold ministry outlined in Ephesians, many do not realize this passage describes functions, not titles. The first church in Acts was established on the foundation of the five-fold ministry and was maintained for the first hundred years. It is essential as we build, we return to the original intention of the five-fold - we are to preach the Kingdom and teach Christ. In this book, you will discover:

  • How the five-fold existed in the function and structure of the tabernacle
  • The five-fold defined and explored
  • The truth about the modern church & its future
  • A comparison/contrast between the biblical & modern-day priesthood
  • What apostolic covering is & its corporate and individual roles
  • The purpose of prophetic oversight
  • The nature and function of spiritual & apostolic centers
  • and MUCH, MUCH more

With apostolic authority and prophetic insight, Bishop Bismark opens new levels of revelation on Apostolic Covering and the Five-Fold Ministry Functions and how they relate to individuals and the church corporately.