The Altaring Lifestyle - Book

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Our effectiveness as Christians depends upon the quality of our personal walk with God. In this book, Pastor ChiChi explains how we can build and maintain altars - dedicated meeting places for encounters with God. God instructed several men in the Old Testament to build Him an altar. Their obedience led to victory personally, corporately and generationally. At a breakthrough altar, Jacob so moved God that God gave him a new name - Israel. We can follow the pattern Jacob left us to also move God to action through an altar of breakthrough. As mankind, God has given us the ability to make choices - to exercise our will. However, our choices have consequences. When we fail to choose the altaring lifestyle, to build righteous altars in our homes, workplaces, cities, etc., we leave a void that becomes fair game for the demonic system to legitimately move in and build unrighteous altars. I exhort you to join the battle for the Kingdom of God. This book explains how to build an altaring lifestyle.