Fathers in the House - Book

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Fathers in the House provides answers for young pastors and ministers navigating the arena of vocational ministry. Bishop Tudor Bismark, through personal example and biblical proof, offers a father's insight on some important questions on the dividing line of ministry today.

  • What is the role of a spiritual father?
  • What is real sonship?
  • Do I need a spiritual father?
  • What do I do if I am in an abusive system?
  • How do I find a spiritual father?
  • Do I want a mentor or coach instead of a father?

Bishop Bismark approaches fathering from several perspectives, both naturally and spiritually. Insights from his decades of ministry experience are included to instruct, enlighten and empower ministers - fathers and sons - of all ages.

Glean from the spirit of wisdom in this book and allow God to show fathers how to enhance strengths, address weaknesses, prepare successors and be honorable life sources that bless their sons and daughters.  Sons, allow God to teach you about the importance of covenant, inheritance from fathers, and how to separate from abusive systems without irreparable damage.