Kingdom Economics - Book

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We have embarked upon a new millennium, and this millennium brings momentous change. We see differences in every facet of society; cultural shifts, economic upheavals, political changes, and more. As Believers, it is imperative that we be prepared for the future and the additional changes that are sure to occur. Not only must we be spiritually sound, we must also establish a firm economic foundation. In this book, Kingdom Economics, Bishop Bismark unlocks the following keys to economic empowerment:

  • Ten Reasons You Need Money
  • Seven Reasons You Need to Save Money
  • How to Grow a Money Tree
  • How the Church Could Be an Economic Powerhouse
  • How to Create a Sustainable Financial Culture

This compact book contains life-changing information and solid Biblical financial counsel. Kingdom Economics will be relevant for years to come and is an invaluable reference tool for creating a strong financial culture.