The Order of the Kingdom - Book

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In two previous books, Order in the House and Kingdom in Motion, Bishop Bismark dealt with the basic dynamics of Kingdom theology and Kingdom structure. This series directly addresses the need for order in our personal lives. Many times we question the lack of blessing in our lives, blind to the chaos we live in. Once we understand that God blesses order, we can begin to establish it and align ourselves with an orderly God and all that He has planned for us. An ordered life is imperative, as it will create a counter culture of order in the body of Christ and society at large. This study includes the following topics:

  • Fruitfulness
  • The Way Mantles Pass On
  • Influence
  • Order versus Disorder
  • Ordained Order
  • Order Produces Prosperity

In addition to exceptional teaching and workbook questions, this study guide is full of wonderful truths from God's Word, powerful one-liners from Bishop Bismark, and expanded teaching not found on the DVDs and CDs. Get ready for life-changing revelation in this series by Bishop Bismark.